• 60-Minute Energy Healing Session:In this focused 60-minute session, experience the power of energy healing. Using a combination of Reiki and intuitive guidance, we will channel and balance your energy to promote relaxation and clarity. Perfect for a quick energy boost and stress relief, this session will leave you feeling reinvigorated and centered.
  • 90-Minute Intuitive Bodywork Session:Dive deeper into self-exploration with our 90-minute intuitive bodywork session. This extended session combines bodywork techniques tailored to your unique needs with intuitive insights. Release tension, promote emotional healing, and gain a deeper connection to your body's wisdom. Ideal for those seeking a profound mind-body experience.
  • 120-Minute Energy Healing and Intuitive Bodywork Session:Immerse yourself in a transformative 2-hour session that integrates the best of energy healing and intuitive bodywork. This comprehensive experience allows for a thorough exploration of your energy and emotional patterns. Through Reiki, breathwork, and intuitive touch, you'll find profound relaxation, emotional release, and a deepened sense of self-awareness. Ideal for those ready to embark on a profound journey of healing and self-discovery.

She's a magic worker - she is deeply intuitive and tuned in to the energies of everyone around her. She knows which parts of your body are holding trauma, stress and where has been neglected. 

-Anna M.

Hannah has a remarkable ability to find the places in my body that hold tension, yes, but to my initial surprise, suppressed emotions. She’ll be working an old, recurring knot in my shoulder and when it releases, I find myself crying, laughing, or even roaring….and unlike a usual massage, when it’s gone and doesn’t come back. While the emotions that come to the surface are not always comfortable to feel, I always feel comfortable feeling them in Hannah’s presence. And at the end of a session with her I feel relaxed, yes, but also a lighter, like I let go of something heavy I didn’t even know I’d been carrying

-Daniel K.

Hannah is truly an expert at her craft and one of the few people I've ever met who is willing to experiment with massages. Her ability to communicate before, during, and after sessions makes the experience personal, satisfying, and unique to what my body needed that day. Every session is a genuinely healing experience!


Big music events can be overwhelming even when they're one of your favorite things in the world. If you're lucky enough to work around festivals, the pace can render one somewhere between hyper-anxious and just plain not present. I was kinda between the two when Hannah invited a team member and I over to the Feelings Felt area for some reiki and body work. 30 mins of breathwork, energy focus, and amazing touch segued me back into the moment with a ton of gratitude. I can't remember anything like that happening in an environment like that. After thanking Hannah I kinda plodded/floated across the grounds and back into the point of it all, the music. 

Thank you Hannah!
-Charles R.

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